Air quality analyzers with nanotechnology



Sistemas Tecnologicos Avanzados S.A. representative in Spain of the French brand of nanosensors Rubix, specialized in detecting odors (based on metallic oxides, they identify and quantify odor following the EN13725 standard) and analysis of different parameters has wireless devices that allow the creation of monitoring networks or analysis of ambient air quality both indoors with your POD2 and outdoors with your WT1.

These sensors analyze points where there are no air quality analysis reference stations or are used in a complementary way to these reference stations, expanding their extension.

WT1 device
For outdoor air quality analysis

WT1 provides a self-contained online outdoor air emissions monitoring station based on various gas sensors in arrays providing low ppb gas (H2S, RSH, NO2, NH3, SO2…). Detection of VOCs, odors, noise and particles correlated with dynamic olfactometry with high precision in ppm, ppb or OU / M3.


In-line instruments provide plant emission monitoring and process control capability with automatic triggering and sampling devices WT1 is equipped with up to 6 electrochemical cells among 20 (H2S NH3, RSH, NO2, NO, SO2, O3…), 4 MOS sensors for odors and PID as an option. The instrument provides automatic online reading of gas concentrations and can create an automatic alarm based on each MOS sensor or their combined output for automatic alarms.


Particle size monitoring can be added as optional modules from 0.3 to 17 µm. Correlation with OU can be provided by on-line automated sampling and dynamic olfactometry or field olfactometry and a simple correlation model. The instrument provides automatic online reading (PC, tablets and phone) of gas concentration, automatic alarms. State-of-the-art data processing provides in-line correlation with gas and sensory perception and enables impact and plume prediction.

POD2 device
For indoor air quality analysis

In the form of an elegant object, it can be attached to a wall or used on a desk or, for matters, in the work environment. Continuously measures 10 parameters related to comfort and health. Anyone can also express themselves and comment on the perceived situation. Simply label the capsule with H and you can report your feelings and your perception.


POD2 enables real-time analytical data to be collected on construction performance and drawbacks along with people’s perception of well-being.