Technical Resources

Our company has all the necessary technical means to perform this service (equipment, components, gauges, certified gas bottles, consumables, tools, vehicles, etc.). Subjected to all quality standards.
We have units for rent full analysis of campaigns.
Include the following areas where we have divided our company:
Maintenance and Calibration area: Auto calibration and maintenance, and spare parts warehouse.
Studies and projects area.
Computer area: Hardware and Software.
Instrumentation area: Air, water, and meteorology.
New developments area: I + D.
Management Area.
Training Area: Teaching courses.

Our company offers a wide range of instrumentation:
Analyzers of various gases (SO2, H2S, CO, NOx, O3, VOC's).
Particle Analyzer.
Fast NO2 analyzer.
Weather station with all its sensors.
Data acquisition system.
Portable emissions measurement system.

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We have a full calibration laboratory, highlighting:
Calibrator with photometer ozone generator and fed back to dilution mass regulators.
Zero air generator.
Hydrogen generator.
Builder of high ozone concentration.
Ozone Calibrator.
Calibrator controlled by mass flow controllers and control circuits and temperature feedback.
Primary Calibrators flow for different flow rates.
Calibrators humidity sensors.
Calibrators of temperature sensors.
Calibrators speed sensor wind direction.
Barometric Pressure Calibrators.
Calibrator high volume flow.

Also are to highlight our electronic equipment:
Precision multimeter.
Signal generating equipment.
Ammeter tweezers
Land measurement equipment, insulation.
Complete suitcase el ectromagnetic measuring equipment.

We have a large computer and telecommunications equipment, always updated and last Technologya provide our technicians:
Pc's with different configurations.
Acquirers data cards.
GSM and PSTN modems.
Network cards.
Signal simulators.

Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. has on its premises a large stock of spare parts constantly updated, replacing parts as needed use. In each of the cabs are likewise have a minimum of consumables, to ensure the proper operation and maintenance convenience.
The necessary parts will be provided for maintenance of original networks the manufacturer. Are included all consumables and spare parts needed for the proper functioning of the network

Human resources

Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. made ??available to this record to a team of professionals. Among our technicians we have:

Industrial Engineers.
Telecommunications engineers.
Computer engineers.
Degree in Chemical Sciences.
Higher technicians with different specialties: industrial electronics, electronics telecommunication ...

All of them have extensive experience in the work to develop and continuously training and updating.