Atmospheric Pollution

Encompasses products for obtaining the concentrations of various air pollutants to perform monitoring and control of environmental pollution. Analyzers incorporate standard analytical techniques for each compound and are approved under strict U.S. and European standards.

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Network control of air pollution in urban and rural environments.

Environmental quality control in factories with dubious environmental surroundings.

Mobile laboratories.

Research in laboratories.

Control of special atmospheres.

Environmental studies.


Automatic analyzers for SO2, H2S, TRS, particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM 10), NO, NO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O3, TVOC, BTX, NH3.

Portable and stationary calibration systems, multigas and multipoint.

Industrial pollution

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Services and products dedicated to the measurement and control of gases and particles from both the flue gas and other industrial processes.

They are divided into three categories:                     
· In situ.
· Extractive.                     
· Extractive dilution.


Combustion plants: coal, gas, etc..

Installations measuring and control of emissions in industrial centers.

Process Control.

Treatments fumes.

Mobile units.

Mathematical modeling of polluting phenomena.

Acquisition systems and data processing.


Water Pollution

For the analysis of the quality of our waters, Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. has several products:


Warning networks and pollution control watershed.

Vigilance and control networks.

Control in sewage plants.

Control of stormwater pollution.

Mobile units.


Continuous automatic sampler and cooling water.

Automatic analyzers for the measurement of temperature, conductivity, pH and dissolved oxygen.

Automatic analyzers ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, chlorides, cyanides, fluorides, heavy metals (Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Cr (VI)).

Hydrocarbons, TOC and dissolved aluminum.

Measure turbidity and suspended solids.

Flowmeters and level meters.

Installing Systems

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Using data acquired from the meteorological stations we can make the forecast bad weather situations pollutant dispersion. Completing the analytical systems that we have developed previously, Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a., offers a full range of weather accessories, including masts, speed sensors and wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, etc..

Informative panels

One of the goals of environmental pollution networks is to maintain the population informed of the state of the environment in your city or community. To meet this objective Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. has been developed and installed various panels of information to the public, taking into account the needs and specifications of each customer specific situation.

Mobile units

It is possible to adapt these mobile units remote stations by using a special van or a trailer towed by a vehicle. In any case, the fittings incorporated are the same as in the remote stations.

Both for Pollution Control and emissions and water quality, mobile units are vehicles which are mounted measuring systems, both analyzers and meteorological sensors.

Remote stations

They are constituted by a weathering cabinet equipped with thermal insulation, the incorporation of previous systems which perform measurements automatically and continuously, and a series of accessories, such as:

Air conditioners.

Intake systems and sample conditioning.

19 inch racks for mounting equipment.

Alarm systems (anti intrusion, fire, ...).

Fire systems.

Miscellaneous furniture.

Isolated compartments for gas bottles.

Area rush and accountants.

The hardware configuration and the software allows adquisicióny local treatment of the data, as well as a self-management. The communications system with the Control Center and data processing can be done through radio, telephone, communications cable, satellite, etc..

Control Center and Data Processing

To complete a control network or an environmental study, a control center and data processing where the Network Manager can control it without moving is necessary and essential.
The function of the Control Center is the management of each of the measurement points that form the network monitoring and pollution control.

This has a central data processing unit , a number of peripherals and software designed taking into account the current environmental legislation.
Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. and your IT department is responsible for keeping up to date and continuously improving our software to provide our customers a powerful tool.