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Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados, s.a. was created in 1981, and since then, taking innovation as a constant in his business philosophy has gained extensive experience allows us to combine the technical ma s advanced counting on the skills required for each particular application. This philosophy has allowed us to play an important role in the field of the environment in all these years.

Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados performs installation, maintenance, and operation of networks for measuring air pollution in addition to mobile units for measuring air pollutants rich and mobile laboratories for calibration, meteorological stations. We have developed its own forms a set of peripherals necessary for activity such as datalogger systems adquisicióny data processing, data transmission and real-time systems and own a number of developments under execution always made with their own or in collaboration with other specialized companies. We have the experience and resources to manage each phase of project monitoring contamination from previous studies, through engineering, technical direction and execution of sam, to technical assistance, staff training, customer service and maintenance.

We highlight the Following activities as key in-house: design and development of automatic network control polluting , both the atmospheric field and in the field of water, integration control equipment installations and projected studies weather conditions with installation of control equipment, environmental studies, technical assistance aftermarket , maintenance of all these facilities, software control and communications, installation panels environmental information citizen, etc..

To carry out our work we have a team of professionals specialized in each of the fields of the environment and instrumentation, so that we can always offer the best solutions to any environmental problems they may ask our customers. For all this, in addition to our experience during these years of activity, we can definitely say we are the most qualified company in environmental instrumentation. Our company has designed, installed and maintained networks of environmental pollution and water for public administrations and private companies. To get reduce our response time, in addition to our offices and laboratories in central Zaragoza, we have branches spread throughout the Spanish geography.